Go to the website using this link:

Go to the website using this link: Click the Play button to start the game. Follow the instructions. They will lead you on a search for an infected organism. Once you have found the infected organism, write a three- to four-page review of the process you went through and the results you obtained. You must identify the disease found and define the epidemiological process you used. Make sure to describe how you used it. This paper must be written in APA format, typed in Times New Roman with 12-point font, and double-spaced with 1” margins. Use at least two references that support your findings.

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In the medical field, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the epidemiological process, which is the study of how diseases spread and how we can control them. As a medical professor, my aim is to help my students understand this process, and I frequently assign projects to test their knowledge.

Question: How should I evaluate my students’ research papers for proper form and content?


As a medical professor, evaluating my students’ research papers is a crucial part of my job. To evaluate a research paper for proper form and content, I will review the paper’s structure and placement of headings, citations, and references, and ensure that it is written in APA format with proper margins, font sizes, and spacing.

I will also check that the paper addresses the prompt and demonstrates a clear understanding of the epidemiological process, including the identification and definition of the disease, the methodology used, and the results obtained. It should also have a comprehensive overview of the chosen references that support the findings.

Furthermore, I will evaluate the student’s overall approach to the research and the conclusions drawn from the data. Overall, my feedback will be constructive and designed to help my students improve their research and writing skills.

Question: How do I ensure that my lectures are effective in transmitting knowledge to my students?


To ensure my lectures are effective in transmitting knowledge to my students, I follow certain guidelines. Firstly, I aim to keep the lectures as interactive, engaging, and concise as possible. I do this by including real-life examples, occasionally using multimedia, and using open-ended questions to encourage discussion.

Secondly, I make sure to plan the lecture in advance and imagine myself as part of the audience to identify potential issues students might face when understanding the material. By doing this, I am able to plan activities and exercises for the class that will address these areas.

Thirdly, I often provide my students with a summary at the end of each class, highlighting the key points of the lecture so they can easily review them, and I encourage them to ask questions.

Lastly, I regularly evaluate my performance as an educator by soliciting feedback from students, both from their grades, as well as through assessments such as surveys. This allows me to identify areas of strength and improvement in my teaching, which can help me improve the quality of my lectures.

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