For this week’s discussion board, as we move into our

For this week’s discussion board, as we move into our first steps of essay writing, let’s focus on reasons for conservation. Florida has numerous state parks that work to conserve portions of our state for generations to come to enjoy. There are also some federal parks in the state, depending on where you are located. 

For this assignment, visit a park that focuses on conservation such as a state or national park. Use the following links to find a park you can get to this week:

Florida State Parks  

Lower Suwannee Valley Refuge 


Sweetwater Wetlands 


After visiting your chosen park post an initial post of two paragraphs. The first paragraph should describe something you saw in the park. Think of how Thoreau and Muir used descriptive words to help readers see the need for conservation or to see the value in the nation’s national resources. In your second paragraph, tell your peers about your visit.

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