For the Early Childhood (4–8 Years Old)

The focus of the Final Project is to choose nine developmentally appropriate activities for young children. Your capability to effectively plan these activities demonstrates your mastery of the course learning outcomes and your ability to use your knowledge to plan effective activities for young children. Early childhood educators play an important role in the future success of children, and your ability to create effective curriculum experiences is a fundamental part of that. To prepare for this assignment, •Please refer to the Week 5 Guidance for further tips and examples that will support your success with this discussion. •Review and download the ECE 203 Activity Template. ◦There are nine required sections total: Science/Sensory, Language and Literacy, Creativity, Fine motor (please choose an indoor activity), Gross motor (please choose an outdoor activity), Self-Concept, Emotional Skills/ Regulation, Social Skills, and Math. ◦Read the required resources for this week and consider reviewing the recommended resources as well.

•Complete each section of the Activity Template ◦To complete the sections for Early Childhood:

◾Indicate the age group (4, 5, 6, 7, 8). ◾List the intended goals. ◾List all of the materials that will be needed for each activity. ◾Explain in detail the process/teaching strategies that will be used for each activity. ◾Specify how each activity is developmentally appropriate for that age group

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