Finally, for what reasons is it important to question the official

2) Is there an area or topic that you think Foner has overemphasized? If so, what is it and why might he do so? What might he cover instead, and why? AND 3) Finally, for what reasons is it important to question the official narrative of events in a historical text? 

Why women’s medical are was not emphasized in the earlier years of English settlement. Be sure to use specifics in your discussion of the events using examples from the textbook, and outside sources. Nuts and bolts of the paper assignment: Submission: You will submit your final paper electronically to the SafeAssign link on the class blackboard website in Microsoft Word .doc/.docx format. No hard copy is required. Please note the paper policies on the syllabus regarding late papers.

Formatting: 1) Double spaced, times new roman font 12pt, one-inch margins 2) Paper is to be 3 full pages in length not including the works cited page 3) Indent new paragraphs (This is a 2 page document) 2

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