Exploring Culture

Instructions Application: Your Personality and Culture Exploring your own culture can be eye-opening when you include the perspectives of yourself as well as others. To complete this exercise, you may talk to your parents, siblings, old family friends, etc. Ask your family or old family friends what they remember about your personality from the time when you were very young. This exercise would be more enlightening if you asked more than one person. Include the following: What traits of your personality have changed over time? Explain why you think they changed. What traits of your personality remained the same over time? Explain why you think they remained the same. What traits of your personality seem to “run in the family”? How was art expressed in your home to reflect your culture? What did your family value most about art and what was its significance? Do you agree or disagree with the observations of the people you are interacting with? Explain why. Note: Conduct your research from the perspective of a field researcher. Report In your report, include the following information: Summary: A summary of the article Relevance: A section relating the article to the text or lecture material Reflection: A reflection on the relation between the article and your personal experience Field Application: A summary of your observations and findings from the field application Visual Examples: Pictures and visual references to support the culture being expressed Each section of the report must be clearly marked with a heading that names the section. Below are additional details about what to include in each section. choose one article https://myclasses.artinstitutes.edu/content/enforced/147903-17013978/eb74a258-6ce5-47f4-99fb-39fbdaa1b1bc/PSY2100_W2_A2_Websites.pdf?_&d2lSessionVal=2IYXptp5SbQyUL3aOIaAuI2z9&ou=147903

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