Using Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics by Kaiser and Silva and Foundations of Spiritual Formation: A Community Approach to Becoming Like Christ by Paul Pettit as reference guides and conversation partners, you will write an Exegesis Research Paper submitted in 3 parts. The Biblical Hermeneutics text will guide you through the process of exegeting the selected passage. The Foundations of Spiritual Formation text will assist you in identifying principles pertaining to spiritual formation found in your selected text. The Foundations text may not have any direct references to your selected passage but it will provide you with general principles that you can use to interpret and apply your passage. You will choose one text to exegete from the passages listed below: • Psalm 1:1–6 • Mark 4:26–29 • Ephesians 4:7–16 XXXX This is the passage I chose please write on this one . The Exegesis Research Paper for this course is intentionally spread out over several Modules/Weeks. This is a developmental approach to paper writing that allows the adult student ample time to construct each portion of the paper, receive feedback, Each part of the paper will begin the process of helping you gain experience with submitting an Exegesis Research Paper through the following stages: Part 1: Introduction and Context of the Passage You will write an introduction that serves as an overview of the content of the paper, providing background and cultural information about the setting of the book in which the selected passage occurs. You will write a thesis/purpose statement that alerts the reader as to what you plan to achieve in the writing of the paper. Cleaerly identify this thesis/purpose statement by underlining, bolding, or highlighting the text in yellow. Identify the literary genre and context of the selected passage and discuss its relevance for interpreting the passage. Each section will have its own heading following current Turabian style. Be sure the paper uses the School of Divinity Standardized Title Page and reflects a graduate level vocabulary.


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