Evaluation of the Conflict Management techniques and tools used to

Evaluation of the Conflict Management techniques and tools used to manage or resolve the particular violent interstate conflict of suez crisis. This is a two-part analysis. This is not a historical review, but a deconstruction and assessment of the conflict techniques deployed.

The first part is a specific discussion and evaluation of the diverse range of tools and techniques used by the international community to manage or resolve this conflict. The second part is a summative analysis, where you are to evaluate the conflict management or resolution attempts, employing a set of criteria drawn from the tools presented in the course. What was the relative success, failure and contributions to management or resolution offered by this mix of tools and techniques? Some Galtungian tools for your toolbox.. Johan Galtung’s ‘ABC Conflict Triangle’ (the components of conflict)… Galtung’s Types of Violence Triangle (a typology of one type of conflict behaviour) Galtung’s Types of Peace (a typology of how we might think about the depth to which peace works) Negative peace Positive peace

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