eMarketing and Social Media Planning and Implementation

You will work on developing an e-Marketing and Social Media implementation plan in support of the strategy of the launch of a Professional Social Media Training Course. Your document will be for the Digital Leadership Team. The team will consist of the director of digital, head of customer insight, head of digital services, head of digital sales, head of digital adverting, head of CRM, head of PR and head digital platforms. You will be acting in the capacity as a digital team leader from within the company you have chosen.

You will need to use your leadership skills to define the project. Through lectures and the previous assessment, students enhanced their understanding of developing a emarketing Implementation and management planning. Students are given the opportunity to present their emarketing Implementation and management plan to further develop these essential skills.

Learning Outcomes:

6 and 7 6. Apply relevant tools and concepts to design, measure and monitor an online digital marketing plan 7. Formulate and implement a comprehensive e-Marketing and Social Media Strategy plan for an organisation. The report needs to be based on the ‘additional notes for the basis of assignment’ and the presentation. the guidance notes are the assessment requirements notes.

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