Ella Fitzgerald

 “For the research paper, you are to chose a notable jazz musician from either the past or present, and study his/her life, art, and impact on society/culture. A quality research paper must also have a thesis (organizing argument) stating a proposition. The paper should begin with an introduction describing the topic, why you chose it, and stating your specific thesis. The middle of the paper will consist of background research on the music and culture pertaining to your chosen individual. The paper should end with a conclusion that revisits the original thesis, highlights what you learned through your research about the connection between your subject and your topic, and how the experience has impacted or altered your views about jazz, culture, and the world around you. You must include a bibliography, showing that you used a variety of resources with at least 5 articles, books, and encyclopedias.You must include at least one of each of those. A good resource to start with is Oxford Music Online. You may also find articles from jazz publications or other news publications online, but please avoid websites such as Wikipedia or any website that does not cite its sources or provide credentials to show that its authors are experts in their subject. The research paper will be submitted in three installments. One grade (10%) will be added for each week an installment is early. One grade (10%) will be deducted for each week an installment is late. All installments will be submitted via Canvas as a text document. students will submit the background research/citation showing high-quality, relevant research sources and knowledge of proper citation procedures. Any source from which quotes or paraphrased material is taken must be cited, otherwise you are guilty of plagiarism, a serious academic offense (see http://catalog.csun.edu/policies/academic-dishonesty/ ). Provide at least four bibliography entires, each from a different types of source (book, article, internet article, interview, etc). Each of the bibliography entries must be cited in proper MLA-8 formatting. Try to include musical examples to illustrate your points. Please cite your sources and give credit where it is due.”

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