Elie Saab case study Students have to carefully read the


Elie Saab case study

Students have to carefully read the Elie Saab business case and look for any relevant information needed to analyze the brand’s distribution strategy for each product category distributed. Information can be found on the official website, social media, but also press releases, luxury society, or any other relevant magazine (forbes, business of fashion, FT, vogue, harpers bazaar, …).

Identify the most relevant Elie Saab’s competitor and analyze its distribution strategy.

Each student needs to envision him/herself as the Chief Commercial Officer of the Elie Saab brand to be ready to analyze, discuss and propose insightful recommendations for the brand.

Students can identify important and relevant consumer trends related to the distribution strategy (remember the exercise from consumer trends to business strategies) that can be leveraged on to increase the business results.

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