Effects on Hispanic women and children

Research Report: Diversity is an important aspect of this course. Please review the definition included in this document. You are required to research an issue of your interest as background for understanding some diversity problem that you have had or observed in everyday life, other classes, politics, social interactions and the like. Your research must not consist of personal opinions or those from social media. Your research much be scientific and referenced. A reference section is required. The goal of the research is to clarify biased or stereotypic information. Do not use racist or sexist (etc.) propaganda as factual support. It should be factually information. Any paper that is not based on solving the problem, but aimed at continuing a stereotype or bias will receive a failing grade. All experiences do not have to be negative. Your project must include your personal experiences regarding relationships with a person or group from another culture, race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, etc. Please include your response to the following questions in addition to your own questions/concerns about the interaction. Additional questions might include the following: Each student will be assigned a date to present a written and verbal diversity project. Your project must consist of no less than 3 typewritten pages. All papers must be typed in 12” font and submitted on the day of your oral presentation before you present. Handwritten or unattached work will not be accepted. Time will not allow PowerPoint presentations. Your presentation must last no longer than 4 minutes, including up to 2 minutes for questions. I would advise you to practice your report prior to your presentation. If you exceed 4 minutes, you will be stopped and your grade will be compromised.

Exceeding the time allotted suggests to me that your paper is not organized. Only in-class presentations and submissions are accepted. Late papers are not accepted. No exceptions. Both your oral and written reports will be evaluated. However, your grade is determined (for the most part) after your oral presentation. Your written submissions are used to help clarify any questions I might have. Your written and oral presentations should be EXACTLY the same. Questions from classmates or the professor should be addressed in your oral presentation, instead of stating – “it is in the paper”— All students are required to present in class ONLY. If you are enrolled in Disability Services and require other types of accommodations, please let me know at least 2 weeks prior to your presentation. Shyness is not a reason for not presenting and will not excuse you from this oral activity. The structure of your paper MUST follow the organization below. Outline: Researchable and approved title (10 pts.). 10 pts. Deducted if not in good order.

Major research questions or objectives based on the literature (at least 2) (10) State at the beginning of the presentation. These are questions that guide your research. Please DO NOT state the questions throughout your paper and then answer them. Ex. The purpose of the research is to: 1. Identify disparities in sentencing 2. To show the effects on Hispanic women and children 3. ………. Is your study a problem for society? How? Support your response with research. This is not an opinionated question. (10) Supporting scholarly evidenceto support your title (50). This is the most important aspect of your paper. NO OPINIONS. You opinions do not represent the facts and I can recognize your opinions. Use scholarly research or highly respected newspapers only (New York Times, Washington Post, etc.). Newspapers may be helpful in analyzing current information. This is where your research questions are addressed. – Cite throughout the paper (Jones, 2019). Give authors credit. Do not plagiarize. – Do no use your opinions or those from the internet. You will receive a failing grade. – Do not use research that has been graded previously in another class by another professor. I will always know. You will receive a failing grade. – ALL research must focus on contemporary issues; however, you may support your research with historical data. – Use factual information only. Your Opinion. Why is your research important to you based on your personal Perspective/interpretation? What are some recommendations you have for addressing the problem? (10) Your Opinion. What is your critical assessment of this issue? (10). Let’s discuss these titles. Media and its impact, black identity, affirmative action, food deserts, racial appropriations, and possibly others

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