ECE Leadership Innovation and Social Justice in Early Childhood Education

ECE Leadership Innovation and Social Justice in Early Childhood Education

The Summative Part II: Social Justice Presentation final project


Identify the purpose of your presentation Teacher Bias in Early Childhood Education-Black Males

Social Justice: 

Defend the importance of fostering a classroom environment free of Teacher Bias, equity pedagogies, and culturally relevant teaching in early childhood settings.

Support your argument with content and examples from the research and literature you have examined in this course. Remember your audience, avoid an overreliance on direct quotes in favor of paraphrasing information from your sources

Provide a contextual example for your audience to understand ways this concept could be integrated into your organization/environment. Offer techniques teachers can use to eliminate teacher bias and stereotyping of black male students.

Connection to Professional Responsibilities:

Defend how innovative leadership, social justice, and 21st century learning are tied to professionalism in the field of Early Childhood Education.

Mission Moving Forward:

Share your personal DEI-Diversity Equity & Inclusion statement


Lee, S., Adair, J., Payne, K., & Barry, D. (2021). Revisioning Fairness as Social Justice in Early Childhood Education. Early Childhood Education Journal.

Clark, M. (2019). Edges and Boundaries: Finding Community and Innovation as an Early Childhood Educator. Early Childhood Education Journal, 47(2), 153-162.

Armstrong, A. (2019, June 4). Bias starts as early as preschool but can be unlearned. Edutopia. Retrieved March 9, 2022, from 

Gilliam, W. S., Maupin, A. N., Reyes, C. R., Accavitti, M., & Shic, F. (2016). Do early educators’ implicit biases regarding sex and race relate to behavior expectations and recommendations of preschool expulsions and suspensions? Yale University, Child Study Center.

Turner, C. (2016, September 28). Bias isn’t just a police problem, it’s a preschool problem. NPR. Retrieved March 9, 2022, from

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