Discussion Prompt: Healthcare is not the only industry that has


Discussion Prompt:

Healthcare is not the only industry that has strict privacy and security regulations. For example, the financial industry also has very strict regulations, known as the Financial Privacy Rule ( https://www.ftc.gov/legal-library/browse/rules/financial-privacy-rule ) .

Healthcare providers, patients, and administrators all say they are concerned about the privacy and security of health information. One of the main reasons that it has been difficult to implement a healthcare information exchange is the lack of trust in our ability to protect health information. Problems with privacy and security can be caused by providers, patients, and healthcare organizations.

Everyone says they value privacy and security, but it is difficult to get compliance about regulations. As you think about this, answer the following:

1. Why do you think it has been so difficult to get compliance around regulations related to health information privacy and security in healthcare? 

2. Why do you think we still see large security/privacy breaches?

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