Design an infographic that uses visual and textual rhetorical

Activity 2:

Infographic—.pdf format. Individual.

Design an infographic that uses visual and textual rhetorical techniques to educate employees about the social issues that inform the request for a dedicated nursing mother’s room and a gender-inclusive bathroom option. Think of this infographic as a tool to answer questions about these issues. General Criteria for Grading Focus/Purpose: The documents advocate for (recommendation report) and contextualize (infographic the company’s decision to include a dedicated nursing mother’s room and a single stall gender neutral bathroom to an audience of internal company stakeholders. Organization/Format/Genre: The documents adhere to and follow the genre conventions of the report and the infographic. Information is organized in service of the purpose of each document respectively. Development/Support: The documents are informed by credible, accurate, and relevant research about gender issues, STEM fields, cultural contexts, policy trends, etc. Grammar/Mechanics: The documents make grammatical and mechanical choices that are appropriate to the it’s rhetorical situation. In the business and industry context, this almost always demands standard, American English. The paper should be 2200 words long

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