Describe how your research builds upon the base of knowledge already

The Final Project will be a 10- to 12-page research study that will require you to gather and explain raw data, arrange the data, analyze the data, and offer meaningful conclusions as to what the data show. Use Chapters 5 and 6 of this week’s required readings for assistance on the construction of the paper’s introduction and purpose statement. Raw data may be drawn from a singular source, though referral to multiple sources, including secondary sources, is highly encouraged.

The arrangement, analysis, and conclusions must be original. Specifically, you will evaluate criminal justice data, interpret published research findings, and apply scientific methodology to answer a criminal justice research question. Introduction In this section, you must Introduce a research problem or question. Include a thesis statement that identifies the purpose of conducting the research study. Encapsulate the impact of the conduct of the study. Literature Review In this section, you will Provide the body of knowledge that previous researchers have generated. Describe how your research builds upon the base of knowledge already in existence. Methodology Explanation of Data Sets In this section, you must You must explain where your data were originated. Identify and specifically define the data set being used, its origin(s), and its composition. Data can be acquired from a variety of sources. The sites listed below are excellent sources from which to obtain secondary data. Southern Poverty Law Center (

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