Cultural Working Differences Between US and Brazil

Topic Cultural Working Differences Between US and Brazil

Imagine you work for a medium sized American firm that has plans to expand its international operations. In 12 months, the firm will send an initial group of sales managers to one country in Latin America or one country in East Asia. (Use Brazil) The sales managers will train local employees in sales techniques. As the firm’s HR director, you have been asked to provide a report to the senior management explaining the cultural differences the sales managers may encounter in your selected country, and how the sales managers will be trained/prepared for their international assignment. Caligiuri’s (2006) article outlines several methods (or “interventions”) for preparing global leaders. You may find other methods in other sources, but they must be from scholarly books or peer-reviewed journal articles. Choose 2 interventions that you think will best prepare the sales managers for their overseas assignments by increasing their intercultural competency. In your report, you will explain and justify these interventions. Choose one country from the country region (Use Brazil). You must write on APA Template for Report #1Preview the document and follow the Report Format GuidelinesPreview the document. In proper APA format (Times New Roman font, 12pt, double-spaced, etc.) with at least 5 in-text citations of reputable sources (peer-reviewed journals and/or scholarly books/chapters) including the course readings listed above, write a 4-5 page (1,300-1,600 word) paper (excluding the title and references pages) with the following sections: Introduction with a strong purpose statement, thesis statement, and rationale (or reason) for the paper. Explanation of cultural differences between America your chosen country. Potential cross-cultural challenges stemming from the differences you outlined in the previous section. Two possible interventions from Caligiuri’s (2006) article or other sources to prepare the sales managers for their international assignment.

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