Critical Reflection on Practice – MI and other Coaching methods

Critically reflect on your practice of applying the learning from this module in your coaching conversations.

Assignment 2 should draw on your application in your coaching conversation the models or techniques explored during this module, such as Motivational Interviewing (MI), Neuroscience Coaching.

This assignment should be written in a self-reflective style with references included in the Harvard referencing style. The content of this assignment can be drawn from work with different coachees, over one or more coaching sessions, and supported by appropriate references to the literature.

It should demonstrate your developing selfawareness as a coach. It is likely to include reflection on the selection of the model or techniques (why this model was selected for this coachee and this presenting issue/ situation), the selection and application of tools and techniques (why these specific tools were selected) and reflection on their application and feedback from the client (how well did they achieve their aims?). 

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