Chapter 2 Lecture Chapter 2 Lecture – Alternative Formats View

 Chapter 2 Lecture Chapter 2 Lecture – Alternative Formats 

  • View Navigate Safely HON video 
  • Read the assigned Chapter 2 section 2.2, Nutrition Information: Fact or Fiction. 
  • Read the two articles at the links below.

Article 1: Benefits of Acai Berry Supplements: Retrieved 9/6/14 from

Article 2: Reviewed by David Kiefer, MD. (8/3/2014) WebMD. Acai Berries and Acai Berry Juice – What Are the Health Benefits? Retrieved 9/6/14 from

Compare and contrast the reliability of the information in the articles using text information.  Refer to the red flags listed in Chapter 2.  Choose and discuss one red flag which helps indicate Article #1 is an unreliable source.  Next, choose and discuss one of the tips from Table 2.1 which help you to trust that Article #2 is factual.

Finally, demonstrate use of Health on the Net (HON) website by searching for any nutrition topic you choose (do not use WebMD). In a sentence or two, briefly describe your topic.   Provide a link to the HON code certified website on your topic. 

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