Case Study Analysis: The Battle of Blue Earth County

INTRODUCTION o Develop and discuss a chronology of key events in this case. o Identify the primary actors and describe their roles in the case. o Identify the important problems in the case in one or two clear and precise sentences. (One way to identify a problem is to identify a gap between some standard and the actual situation.) ASSESSMENT OF CORE PROBLEM/CAUSES o What do you think is the fundamental problem in this case? o What are two root causes? (As you think of possible causes, test them against the facts of the case. Keep only the possible causes, which could account for the gap.) PROPOSED SOLUTION AND CONSEQUENCES o Propose a solution consistent with the fundamental problem you identified. Then explain why it will resolve the problem. o List the advantages and disadvantages of your solution. o What are any unintended consequences (positive, negative, or both) that may occur as the result of the implementation of your solution? Discuss. ANALYSIS/THEORETICAL APPLICATION o What theories or theoretical models, found in chapters 1, 2, 4 and/or 5 in the Fredericksen text, do you think are relevant in understanding this case? Explain. o What specific concepts or terms associated with the theories you identified, shed light on the fundamental problem and root cause (as you identified above) in the case. Explain. o In your view, does the case study support or contradict the central premise of the theories your identified? Explain. LESSONS LEARNED AND RECOMMENDATIONS o Based on your assessment of the case, what does the case teach us about federalism and intergovernmental relations (IGR). For the latter, IGR, include national-state and interstate relations. o Provide at least two recommendations, which you think address the crucial federalism and intergovernmental decisions and actions of the key actors in this case. Fredricksen Text: The Politics of Intergovernmental Relations, Third Edition

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