Business Owner Interview

Small Business Interview (10% of the final grade). Each student will be required to conduct an interview with a small business owner of his/her choice. The Small Business Owner cannot be a family member and must be located in the US. Students will be required to identify the person including his/her name and contact information (10% of interviewees will be contacted to ensure validity) and apply class theory in conducting the interview and subsequent analysis.

An exact transcription of the interview is not appropriate; rather, a summary of the key points will determine the grade, once again emphasizing an application of class material. The maximum length will be 4 pages (not including the cover sheet or bibliography). The Certification of Authorship Cover Page, as noted below, is required. This assignment will be due in the appropriate Assignment Drop Box by 2/24/19, but the Drop Box will be opened earlier for students who want to finish it earlier. Supports Learning Objectives 3, 5, & 6.

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