Background Customer: Snap Inc Renewal due August, 202211,000 employee licences


Customer: Snap Inc

Renewal due August, 202211,000 employee licences

Current price per employee/month: USD 1.13Current contract value: USD 150,000 per annum

Current contract length: 12 months

Legacy package: Business

Future Outlook

Company will be growing by another 1,000 employees in 2022, and a further 1,500 in 2023

Currently running quarterly surveys, 75% participation and no manager logins

Open to a 24 or 36 month agreement

At renewal, set to inherit Peakon Premier and Peakon Include

  • What proactive steps have you taken/will you take with this customer? What are the timeframes you are operating around?
  • What objections are you expecting? How will you try to overcome them?
  • What risks could there be on this renewal?
  • How could you structure their renewal? Be creative around pricing/contract length/services etc.

Please create 3 slides focused on the renewal approach with the background scenario and future outlook

Answer questions in bullet points, not paragraphs please

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