AURORA CANNABIS INC.’S Stock Presentation Presentation Guidelines Be sure you have an introduction, an analysis and a conclusion even though this is a presentation and not a paper. Use APA in your Power Points and cite your sources and Wikipedia is still not a source. You need to compare and contrast your research to the three texts in the course and have at least three citations. Remember: • Does your presentation answer each of the questions assigned with your company? • Did you prepare a handout that is one page long and addresses each of the questions that were assigned? • Does your handout look professional (is it one page, APA, referenced, and interesting to the eye?) Does your presentation have a clear beginning, middle and end? Introduction (10%) Talk about AURORA CANNABIS INC.’S BACKGROUND. Does the introduction explain what the presentation is about? Does it give a quick overview of your main points? It is creative? Is it interesting? Do you have a hypothesis? Analysis (50%) Financial analysis Profitability Talk about trend and why it is the way it is. Show the: Net margin= net income over sales Retun On Asset (ROA)=net oncome/average asset Return On Equity(ROE) Trend good or bad and why? Companys liquidity Current ratio= current asset/ current liabilities Trend good or bad trend and why? Efficiency Sales turnover= sales/average asset or average fixed asset Trend good or bad and why? Debt Debt/total asset Good or bad trend why? Conclusion (20%) Buy or sell recommendation Talk about the industry and competitors. Process, Punctuation and Grammar (20%) Are all of the words on the Power Point spelled correctly? Are the correct words used? Is the wording smooth to read and flow from point to point? Is proper grammar used? Does the handout follow APA Guidelines? Is the presentation and the handout interesting?


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