Assignment 1: Genre Analysis Q- What do you get when you rewind a

Length: 1,000-2,000 words So far in this class, we have discussed the concept of the discourse communities and genre/genre analysis (see articles from 1/31). For this assignment, you will write a genre analysis that analyzes a genre you have a high degree of familiarity with. Steps for analysis 1. Collect two or three samples of texts within a genre that you would like to explore. These can be wide ranging. There are several options: think film, news articles, online message boards, novels, posters, pamphlets, academic websites, and so forth. These examples can be visual or textual. 2. Identify the rhetorical situation of your chosen genre, taking into consideration their settings, topics, authors, readers (intended audience), and its overall purpose. Please be specific in your discussion and provide summary, paraphrasing, and/or direct quotes.

3. Identify their most common patterns, such as its content, rhetorical appeals, structure, format, syntax, diction, visual style, jargon, and so forth.

4. Analyze (not summarize) the meaning of your discovered patterns, considering what the audience already knows/believes, who this genre includes/excludes, the values or assumptions revealed through the text, how the subject is treated, or any implied attitudes through this genre. Again, here would be a wonderful place for inserting summary, paraphrasing, and/or direct quotes from your artifacts. 5. Make a claim about these patterns, arguing why these rhetorical moves are important to the genre, why these moves are effective (or ineffective), how these moves may affect the intended audience, what the possibilities or limitations of this genre might be, and how you (as either author or reader) might improve on it.

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