As future practicing nurses, evidence-based practice helps you stay updated


  1. As future practicing nurses, evidence-based practice helps you stay updated about new medical protocols for patient care. EBP, or evidence-based practice, is an indispensable part of health care and plays a critical role in reducing practical variability, enhancing health care quality, perfecting the health care system, improving patients’ outcomes, and decreasing costs.  

    As nursing students, it is important for you to understand that evidence that supports a conclusion is part of the research process. Literature reviews often accompany research assignment in the form of a summary and synthesis of the published information about the research topic. Although this week’s assignment is not a literature review, it is designed to familiarize you with the practice of finding appropriate sources and information on a topic. 
    Find 3 original research articles that apply to your research topic. The articles must be 

    • peer reviewed, 
    • recent (published within 5 years), and 
    • statistically significant. 
    • Write a 350-word summary of each article in which you identify 
    • participants 
    • independent variable(s), 
    • dependent variable(s), 
    • methods, and 
    • results. 
    • Determine whether these articles are suitable for inclusion in a literature review for your research topic. 

      If they are not, explain why. If they are, explain how the information can be used to inform practice. 

      Compile all summaries in 1 document. 

      Include a PDF of and APA citation for each article. 

      Submit the articles and summaries.  

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