As a future InfoSec professional, you will be required to

As a future InfoSec professional, you will be required to understand the scope of an organization’s legal and ethical responsibilities. The InfoSec professional should play an important role in an organization’s approach to controlling liability for privacy and security risks. In the modern litigious societies of the world, sometimes laws are enforced in civil courts and plaintiffs are awarded large payments for damages or to punish defendants. To minimize these liabilities, the InfoSec practitioner must understand the current legal environment and keep apprised of new laws, regulations, and ethical issues as they emerge. By educating employees and management about their legal and ethical obligations and the proper use of information technology and information security, security professionals can keep their organizations focused on their primary mission.

Using (Links to an external site.) to find the 10 commandments of computer ethics, (Links to an external site.) to find interpretations of these 10 commandments, and (Links to an external site.) to find further descriptions of the 10 commandments, provide your own 10 commandments of computer ethics in a 10-slide PowerPoint Presentation (i.e., one commandment for each slide).

Be prepared to present your PowerPoint presentation (10 slides maximum) in no less than 15 minutes, but no more than 20 minutes.

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