Analyze the plight of minorities in early American society, focusing

write a 10 page paper that demonstrates your ability to:  Address all parts of the topic with a clear point of view  Support a clear thesis statement with developed paragraphs  Reference historical facts from colonization-1877 to support your arguments  Analyze both historical and present-day perspectives of minority groups, as well as any mainstream perspectives that are applicable  Incorporate scholarly resources to support your point of view, including at least three primary sources  Illustrate correct academic research documentation per APA standards paper must address the following prompt: Focusing on American history from colonization to 1877, analyze the plight of minorities in early American society, focusing specifically on Native Americans, Africans, and women. Evaluate changing political and social movements and how the minorities were affected, both positively and negatively. Compare the difficulties and successes of minority groups in that time period with minority groups in present-day America.

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