Analysis of Louis Armstrong – West and Blues 1928

 Song : Louis Armstrong – West End Blues 1928. For the paper, write one paragraph that describes the ensemble and song as a whole, identifying which instruments are playing the lead melody and rhythm sections. Describe the way the instruments (and voice) sound and work together as a whole. Use vocabulary of rhythm and tempo to describe the whole ensemble’s performance. Be sure to include the basic organization of the song: tempo, meter, and form. In the next paragraph, explain more deeply the form of the music. Describe the form of choruses (sections or refrains) and how the instruments (and voice) of the ensemble alternate roles in the repeated song form. Which instrument plays first? What are the instrumental changes between each chorus? Last, explain what is interesting or meaningful to you about the recording. This paragraph can be subjective and from your perspective, but you may include historical information about Louis Armstrong or jazz to support your discussion (See Allen text for Louis Armstrong biography and jazz history). Requirements: 1-2 pages typed, 3 paragraphs Standard heading with name, class, assignment, and date Use Chicago citation style

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