Analyse one aspect of food and beverage business that relates to

The purpose of this module is for students to analyse operation practises in food and beverage businesses, and to evaluate food and beverage business philosophies, principles and cultures.



Timetabled sessions


Please refer to your online timetable available through Studentcentral for the up-to-date information.



Learning aims and outcomes


This module aims to:

Critically explore food and beverage business practices

Develop an advanced understanding of the current philosophies and principles that influence food cultures

Provide the learner with an understanding and appreciation of the concepts, theories and key issues associated with contemporary food cultures.


On successful completion of the module the student will be able to:


Critically analyse the operations of food and beverage business.

Evaluate emerging trends and issues in food culture

Apply service management tools and theories in food and beverage operations

Critically evaluate food culture theory

Apply conceptual models to cultural culinary situations.


Assessment details



Individual report analysing one aspect of food and beverage business that relates to operations in service management (equivalent of 2500 words) (Learning Outcomes 1,3) and you are expected to select an organisation within the F&B trade and fully evaluate one aspect of their management / operations.


Please note this is meant to be written in report style, not essay.



Please note that the maximum length of each assessment task is 2,500 words (this word count does not include appendices and the reference list but it does include everything else: title page, tables, charts, figures, quotations, in-text references etc.).


Any excess to the word count will be severely penalised.


You should include a cover page, which should contain:


A title

Your name

Your student number

The total word count


A content page is not necessary but please remember to insert page numbers.

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