· Describe how the idea of causal inference can apply


· Describe how the idea of causal inference can apply to your interactions in everyday life. Also, make an argument for how the idea of causal inference could be applied the way we approach ministry.

· Begin by explaining what the p value reveals about the probability that a study is replicable. Next. describe the major alternatives to the use of α < .5 (NHST). What is p-hacking? Describe common researcher practices can be described as p-hacking and how research results might be implicated as a result of p-hacking. Moreover, how are future research studies which are attempting to replicate these studies implicated as a result of p-hacking?

 For each essay assignment, answer both essay questions using a minimum of 300 words for each essay. A title page (no abstract) and reference page are required. Current APA 7 edition must be used to cite sources.  

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